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Jesus’ Outsider started as a listener supported podcast. It is now growing into so much more.


There are expenses we incur each month bringing the program to you and the other media we produce. All we ask is that you prayerfully consider contributing to those costs to help us stay on the air and expand our reach. We won’t promise you any blessings for giving beyond knowing that you are helping to spread the Gospel and the preaching of the Word to the four corners of the earth.


We have expanded into conferences and seminars. Our first, Sex, Porn, and Freedom, happened on June 25th, 2016. The following weekend we were privileged to speak at the Audiofeed Music Festival in Urbana, IL on sexual addiction and mental illness. We have additional conferences in the works but we lack the financial resources to pull them off.


As a member of the Kodesh Mishkan Ministry Group (KMMG), all donations made to Jesus' Outsider are tax deductible. KMMG provides us with 501c3 status as well as financial accountability. A tithe of all money received is sent to help cover costs of the larger group.


We appreciate any support you can offer and, more importantly, your prayers.

Our first efforts to expand beyond the podcast have been very fruitful and we need to do more. Both the Sex, Porn, and Freedom Conference and speaking at the Audiofeed music festival have set people on the path to freedom from their bondage. Now, we need your help to further spread our wings and fulfill the call that the Lord has laid upon this ministry.


We have been called to reach out to with the freedom that is found in Christ to those trapped in sexual addictions, suffering from mental illness, and others who need to hear this truth. More than that, we are to equip the church to deal with these and other issues that we are facing today. That means we will conduct more seminars and produce instructional and outreach media for the church at large to be better prepared for the challenges that not only are at our door but already inside the walls.

If you wish to mail a contribution, make checks payable to Jesus' Outsider or KMMG and mail them to:


Jesus’ Outsider Ministries

118 Holly Crest St. East Peoria, IL 61611

Why not use GoFundMe or other crowdfunding sites? That’s a great question and one we wrestled with for a long time. In fact, we did set up a page complete with a video. It did nothing.


Then, we did some math. These sites keep a lot of what’s raised. There’s nothing wrong with that but for something that needs every dollar to start, we didn’t see a benefit. After a lot of prayer and thought, we decided that we have more than enough tech savvy to set up our own page and keep all but the processing fees kept by PayPal, which are far less than those collected by crowdfunding sites.

Member of the Kodesh Mishkan Ministry Group