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Honor, respect, and truth are to be the watchwords for all followers of Christ Jesus who are lead to engage in public discourse.

to say what needs to be said, especially if it’s unpopular or difficult. That’s what this ministry is all about.

Rather than steering away from controversial or challenging issues, we head right for them. Too often, leaders feel that they cannot address what’s often directly in front of them because it might jeopardize their positions. Unfortunately, most of the time, they’re right.

So who can say the hard truths? Who can teach the parts of the Word that are offensive to our “civilized” ears? What about issues that are difficult like porn, mental illness, and a whole list of others that are uncomfortable to talk about? It’s quite simple. Only someone who is separate, an outsider with nothing to lose, can say what needs to be said. That’s who we are.

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The intent is to bring glory to God by calling the church to live up to her full potential as the spotless bride Christ longs for her to be. The program, conferences, and media challenge the status quo, call the church to repentance, and lift up the people and ministries that are breaking barriers and spreading the Gospel effectively.

There are times that we will step on a few toes or slaughter some sacred cows. A few people might even be offended by what is said. But the Gospel itself is offensive, especially the hard and uncomfortable parts. Our intent isn’t to offend but to start a conversation and to drive the church to living a more Christ-like life. This is a no-holds barred ministry striving to be faithful to God and His Word. We talk about sin, social issues, and loving the unlovable from a Biblical perspective. We work hard to be a place that addresses the issues that pastors and other leaders aren’t comfortable doing or are unsure how to tackle. Since the program and related ministries are our focus, we have no such restrictions.

Jesus’ Outsider started as a podcast and is now growing into much more. After several years on the air, we feel lead to begin to branch out into doing conferences and other speaking engagements. We will put some on ourselves and are available to participate in seminars put on by others. We haven’t come to this lightly. The need to go on the road speaking and teaching about the most important topics Pastor Mike covers on air has become obvious to us. For a full list of topics, visit the Conference page.

We started with a Sex, Porn and Freedom Conference in Peoria and are branching out from there. We are available for engagements at churches and ministries across the Midwest initially and further out as we grow. For more information, contact us.

New episodes of the podcast are released every Monday at 6:30AM Central Time. For more, visit the show page or just click the listen logo in the upper right hand corner to launch the player. Periodically, there will also be updates to our blog page, The Stainless Steel Soapbox. That’s where we cover topics that either are too short for a full episode or require a little more explanation than we can do on air.

For all the latest, use the links on the left to follow us on Twitter and Facebook or visit our Connect page.

Time to Take This on The Road

Now that we have successfully completed our first major conference and ministering at the Audiofeed Music Festival, we are ready to bring the unique teachings and messages to other areas and to local churches.

On our Conference page, you’ll find the seven main topics we have been led to use as our starting point. Each of them is one that we believe is vital to the growth and health of the Kingdom of God. As outsiders, we can speak and teach on things that are more difficult for pastors and leaders to handle themselves.

Please visit the overview page for the list and links to the individual topics. Many members of our team are available to travel to support and speak at scheduled events or to help develop conferences and seminars centered on our primary areas of expertise.

Have Message Will Travel!

We Need Your Help!

Media production is a huge part of what we do. Our weekly podcast has a growing reach but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

We have footage from the first Sex, Porn, and Freedom Conference we need to process so we can put it into the hands of the people who need to see it. We have plans for more, much more.

However, we have a huge problem. Our studio computer system has experienced a complete failure and we need to replace it along with a few other pieces of equipment. For more or to help, visit our Support page.