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Big Changes Are Coming!

We equip you to take on some of the most challenging issues facing the Body of Christ today. As socially acceptable outcasts, we can say what needs to be said. Our underlying message, regardless of the topic, is freedom in Christ. We teach basic Biblical truths to allow the genuine disciple of Christ to walk in the Spirit and find His way. Explore our site for more about who we are and what we do.

We're moving to Nashville, TN!


The Lord has directed us to move our ministry headquarters to Nashville. Leaving Central Illinois will be difficult for us but it is His will. We're very excited about this new step in serving Christ and what it will mean for us and our work to advance His kingdom.


The transition will take a few weeks so please be patient with us. Pastor Mike is working on a set of episodes that will be released each week during the move and first few weeks in Tennessee. We'll be posting details on our Facebook page as often as we can.

We Are The Outcast, The Nobody, The Rejected.

We Have Found a Home in Him.

We Are Jesus' Outsider

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